Introducing RETCON Games

The big announcement dropped last week: in August 2022 RETCON Games will release its first game, GOOD BONES. The announcement got a lot of love, which I am truly grateful for. There was also the obvious question—what is RETCON Games?

RETCON Games is a game studio—you could call it a micro-studio, considering it houses just one person right now (hi, it’s me, Jes). It was established 2021 as a natural expansion of sister project RETCON Magazine. The studio’s goal is to create memorable narrative experiences, showcasing diverse perspectives and stories.

The first of these experiences, GOOD BONES, is a haunting point-and-click adventure where player choices matter. And there are already plans for more narrative-focused games down the road, as the team grows.

The aim of RETCON Games is to make space for stories that haven’t been given a chance to be told and for creators that haven’t been given a chance to shine. Everyone deserves to see themselves in games. And with each release, RETCON Games hopes to grow a community of folks who finally feel seen.

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